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We would like to personally welcome you and thank you for choosing Vondrak Dental. As a small health-centered dental practice, it is our mission to get-to-know you and your individual dental needs.

Comprehensive Dental Care

At Vondrak Dental, we are comprehensive in the care we provide. This means we assess the health of not only your teeth but the health of your gums, bone, Temporomandibular Joints, muscles of mastication and the head and neck muscles. New patients receive a personal consultation with Dr. Stephanie Vondrak and a written review of findings following their comprehensive exam. Our goal is to keep you informed on your dental health and to help you achieve your dental goals.

Your New Patient Apppointment

A Comprehensive Exam will be completed by Dr. Vondrak during your New Patient Appointment.
This exam includes: Dr. Vondrak Reviewing X-Ray Photo

  • Periodontal Gum Evaluation (to determine the type/length of cleaning)
  • Oral Health Assessment (our Dental Fitness Program)
  • Full Mouth Set of X-rays
  • Photos of your teeth and smile
  • Head and Neck Cancer Screening
  • Evaluation of TMJ Joints
  • Assessment of Occlusion (bite)
  • Overall assessment of dental health

Your Next Visit

Your next visit will be your professional dental cleaning (specific to your periodontal needs) and your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vondrak. At your consultation, Dr. Vondrak will review the overall health of your mouth and help you set your goals for achieving/maintaining optimum dental health.

PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us for further information via email at info@drvondrak.com or by phone at 402-289-2313.

We look forward to meeting you!