Health-Centered General Dental Services

At Vondrak Dental, we believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy oral system for each individual. We help patients outline their goals for dental health and determine what services best meet their dental needs.

At Vondrak Dental, every patient has the opportunity to improve their dental future!

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Dr. Stephanie Vondrak and Dr. Ashley Rainbolt

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Dental Services Offered:

Mercury Free Dentistry

  • White composite resin fillings are not only a healthier option, they're better looking, too!

More: See the beautiful difference!

Dental Fitness Program

  • You can make the needed changes to improve your dental health

More: A Success Story

Crowns and Bridgework

  • Being extremely durable, crowns can last for years with proper care.

More: Fully customized Crowns

Dental Implants

  • Would you like to have a complete, natural-looking smile?

More: Implant Options

Pediatric Dental Services

  • Schedule your child's first visit by their first birthday.

More: A Special First Visit to the Dentist

Mercury Free Dentistry

At Vondrak Dental, we believe in restoring teeth to their natural, biologic tooth form using biocompatible mercury free restorations. Biocompatible materials like white composite fillings are different than traditional silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam fillings are made up of about 50 percent mercury, and require aggressive removal of tooth structure when placed. White Composite Fillings contain NO MERCURY and are less invasive maintaining more of your natural tooth for a healthier, better dental future.

Drs. Vondrak and Rainbolt use 100 percent composite resin fillings for all patients. Do you have old amalgam fillings that you’re tired of seeing? We can replace your silver amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite resin.

Composite resin is made from silicon dioxide and can be layered to create a custom shades and beautiful esthetic outcomes. Every tooth should “look like a tooth” according to Drs. Vondrak and Rainbolt so even your back molars will have a perfect shade match! White composite resin fillings look and feel like a natural teeth and can be placed on your front teeth for cosmetics or in-between and on the biting surfaces of back teeth to treat decay.

White composite resin fillings are not only a healthier option, they're better looking, too!

As with any tooth restoration, the better care you take...the longer it will last and white composite fillings are no exception. To avoid stain and breakdown, it is best to moderate coffee & tea consumption, avoid tobacco products and maintain your 6 month dental cleanings. Recare cleanings, good flossing and consistent brushing will help prevent stains for a predictable, healthy dental future.

Before After
Silver mercury filling and decay
This beautiful filling was completed
in under an hour at Vondrak Dental!

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A Success Story

Our Dental Fitness Program:

Fitness, wellness, health...we all want to look and feel good. So how does fitness apply to your mouth and teeth? The "Dental Fitness Program" is our way of helping you understand how HEALTHY your mouth is. It is a system for measuring your homecare routine and giving you feedback on how clean or "fit" your mouth is. In turn, with this information, you can make the needed changes to improve your dental health. Our philosophy at Vondrak Dental is to empower each individual with the skills and knowledge to achieve and maintain...EXCELLENT DENTAL HEALTH!

The BEFORE picture below represents a 10 year old boy who presented for his 6 month dental teeth cleaning with his teeth covered in Plaque (bacteria). In this picture, the plaque (bacteria) has been stained (with a colored dye) to help this child and his parents understand where he needs to brush and floss better. It was explained to this young man that he was headed for much decay and future dental work.

Using our Dental Fitness Program, we worked with this child to educate him and help him understand what it means to have good "homecare". Because we took the time, this boy left our office motivated and excited to improve his dental health. Take a look at his progress!

Six months later, we placed the same dye on his teeth. As you can see, they looked great! This patient at 10 years old was using the knowledge he obtained through our dental fitness program to remove plaque from his teeth and improve his dental future! AT VONDRAK DENTAL, WE LOVETO SHARE SUCCESS STORIES LIKE THIS ONE!

Before After
Blue dye shows plaque 6 months later!!!

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We know how important it is to retain your natural and beautiful smile. So we understand how devastating a cracked, damaged, or broken tooth can be. Just one damaged tooth can offset your entire smile, thereby making you self-conscious. A dental crown can retain the strength and structure you want your smile to have, without sacrificing any of the aesthetic appeal.

At our practice, we use all-porcelain crowns, full zirconia crowns and when requested full noble gold crowns. With all-porcelain crowns, we can match your natural tooth color; all-porcelain crowns are beautiful white restorations that restore the shade, shape and contour of your smile. Full gold crowns are made with noble metals never base metals. Gold crowns are preferred by some patients for longevity on very back molars that are difficult to see. Drs. Vondrak and Rainbolt will discuss all crown options with you and give you the opportunity to determine what type of crown best fits your individual treatment needs.

Our practice can place your crowns in a few brief appointments, after fully-customizing and designing them to your liking and personal need. Crowns require the same hygiene care as your natural teeth, so brush and floss daily and schedule regular checkups to maintain your new smile. Being extremely durable, crowns can last for years with proper care.

The work in the photos was completed at Vondrak Dental

Crown and Bridgework

In addition to repairing a single tooth, crowns also play a supporting role in other tooth restoration procedures. For instance, if you’re missing one or more consecutive teeth, we may recommend a dental bridge. Our dental bridges, sometimes also known as crown and bridgework or fixed bridges, are made from the finest materials to provide a natural look that will last for years.

A bridge fills the gap that missing teeth create, thus keeping your smile intact and preventing your existing teeth from shifting. Bridges may also help correct a misaligned bite, while providing you with the full functionality and flexibility of a natural tooth.

With a bridge, one or more prosthetic teeth, also called pontics, are held in place by crowns, which are bonded to the teeth that abut either end of the bridge. Fixed securely in place, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing your bridge won’t slip out of place. With a crown and dental bridge, we can restore full oral function, comfort, and confidence.

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